Open Play

Open play is available Monday-Friday from 4-6 on all courts, and again upon completion of league play; Friday from 4-close on any courts not occupied by leagues; and Saturday 4-close, unless a tournament is taking place or a private party has rented one or more courts, which will be posted.

Open play at Marikka’s is conducted in a ‘play two then sit’/‘winner stays for one’ format.

King/Queen of the Court is NOT allowed.

Doubles lines may ONLY be used on (1) court at a time, and ONLY when (3) or more courts are available for open play.  If less than (3) courts are open, no doubles lines will be permitted.

Waiting players reserve the right to remove any name from any list if you are playing on any court; listing the names of every member of your team will not be permitted.

Courts can be reserved for $50/hour outside of league play times.  Contact our staff for details.